Lectures 講演

Presentations on Teaching and Singing

“AP Japanese: Addressing Curriculum and University Placement Concerns”. Joint presentation with IU Prof. Keiko Kuriyama. American Council of Foreign Language Teachers, Philadelphia, PA, Nov. ’12.

“Furusato no Min’yo: Learning Japanese Culture and Language Through Folk Song”. Keynote Speaker at Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese, Sept. ’11.

Presentations at Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association conference, Indianapolis, IN

  • “Articulation of AP Japanese: Levels 1-4 and Beyond”.  Joint presentation with IU Prof. Keiko Kuriyama, Nov. ’12.
  • “Current Issues of PL 21 and AP Japanese”. Joint presentation with IU Prof. Keiko Kuriyama, Nov. ’11.
  • “Apartment Search Project”. Nov. ’10.
  • “Content-based Instruction for Beginning- and Intermediate-level Japanese Learners”. 3-hr workshop with IU Prof. Keiko Kuriyama, et. al., Nov. 09.
  • “Japan as Reflected Through Folk Song”. Nov. ‘08
  • Textbooks and Standards: AITJ the New Indiana Standards for Eastern Asian Languages”. 3-hr Workshop presented with DOE Adriana Melnyk, Nov. ‘07
  • “Bringing the Environment to the Classroom”. Joint presentation with IU Prof. Watt & Ms. Lisa Berkson, Nov. ‘06
  • “Haiku: A Complete Lesson Plan” & “To Be or Not to Be: Exploring Adventures in Japanese, Nov. ‘05

“Japanese Folk Song in the Classroom”. Presentation at Teaching East Asian Music in the Elementary Music Classroom Workshop, East Asian Studies Center, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN. June ’03, ’04, ‘05.

“Learning Japanese Folk Song in Contemporary Japan”. Presentation at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology. Hosted by University of Michigan. Oct. ‘01.

“Vocal and Choral Practice from Diverse Cultures”. Presentation with IU Prof. Mary Goetze at Indiana Music Educators Conference. Indianapolis, IN. Jan. ‘01.

“The Iemoto System: Friend or Foe of Japanese Folk Song”. Presentation at the Midwest Conference for Asian Affairs. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Oct. ‘00.

“Activities for Teaching about Japan”. Presentation for Teaching about Asia, a Workshop for K-12 Teachers at the MCAA. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Oct. ‘00.

“Issues in Teaching Multiple Vocal Styles”. Presentation at New Methods for Teaching Multicultural Music in Classrooms and Choirs. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. July ‘00.

“Reconsidering the Challenge of Bi-musicality”. Presentation at 35th World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music. Hiroshima, Japan. Aug. ‘99.

“’Bi-musicality’ in Japanese Folk Song and Italian Art Song – A Study on Vocal Timbre”. Presentation at The Phenomenon of Singing, International SymposiumⅡ. Newfoundland, Canada. July ‘99. Presentations Published by Memorial University of Newfoundland, ‘00.

“Reconsidering ‘The Challenge of Bi-musicality’ – A Case Study of an American Female who sings Japanese Folk Song and Italian Art Song”. Presentation of Master’s thesis at a meeting for The Society for Research in Asiatic Music. Tokyo, Japan. Apr. ‘99.

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